Functions of the Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council

To maintain a register of nurses and midwives in Seychelles

To draw up regulations and standards for nursing/midwifery education and practice

To investigate allegations of serious professional misconduct and malpractice and take appropriate action therof.

To maintain standard in the education and practice of nursing /midwifery

To ensure high quality of  nursing and midwifery services

To foster the development of the professions

To confer identity, accountability and status to the professions

To inform the public about the services offered by nurses/midwives

To set the scope of practice for nursing and midwifery


Composition of Council Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council

 Nurses and Midwives Act, 1985, (Act 18 of 1985) (Cap. 150)

Nurses and Midwives (composition of Council) Regulations, 2004.

 The nurses and midwives Council is composed of 13 members as stipulated by the Nurses   and Midwives Act, Act 18, 1985, Section 15 (composition of council) Regulations, 2004).

One midwife and two nurses are appointed by the Minister, whereas others are elected by the nurses and midwives amongst themselves (three nurses and two midwives).

The director of Nursing, the head of the institution responsible for the nursing education, and one representative of the professional nurses association are x-officios.

The Minister also appoints a health professional who is neither, a nurse or a midwife.

The minister appoints a person not connected with  Health and who is a representative of the consumers of health services

Amongst the members a chairman is elected. The members hold office for a period of two years, but can be reappointed.

A registrar is appointed by the Minister of Health from amongst the officers of the Ministry of Health, in accordance to Schedule 2 (Nurses and Midwives Regulation,1989) with special responsibilities and is not a Council member.