Application for Registration as a Nurse/& or Midwife in Seychelles

All applicants have to complete an application form and address to the registrar of the Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council.

The following documents are required (copies); if you are outside Seychelles you will need to provide the original document on your arrival in the country.

Birth certificate

Transcript of training

Certificate of training 

Certificate of Registration

Registration Verification

Supporting declaration of good character and professional efficiency

In cases whereby the training was not conducted in English or French applicants have to provide proof of efficiency in spoken and written English, or/ either French.

Available at the Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council office is a package to ease completion of necessary information. However, applicants may decide to use other formats for submission of above information

All copies of supporting documents must be certified by an attorney or equivalent authority and bear its seal or stamp.

Documents submitted must be in English or French. Translations must be certified by an appropriate authority.

A processing fee is in force and should be paid once application is submitted.

Once the Council has considered the application, the applicant will be advised if he/she is registrable or not.

Once registered a registration certificate and a practicing certificate will be issued.

The newly registered nurse or midwife will be advised on the terms and conditions of her registration.

Reference is made to The Nurses and Midwives Act, Act 18 of 1985, Caps 150.